The cousins

Cousin Max came to play the other day and Sorin and Norah were very happy to have him here. And, as you can see, Max was very happy to be here. There is just something about babies interacting that is so cute!! Especially cousin babies...

6 months!!!

I'm a little late on the 6 months post - but better late than never. Boy do I like that little cliche. Norah baby is growing up. She spends her days talking and smiling and laughing and going after Sorin and still seems to have time for a lot of sleeping and eating. She is a fun little baby, full of life and very charming. We are amazed at how active she is.

Here are her new things:

Eating, so far just cereal, we're about ready to move on, though.

Crawling, she'll get up on her hands and knees really well, but then she resorts to more of an army crawl.

Morning yoga. She's very strong. She would make her cousin Britt very proud.

Sorin Pics

Yesterday I taught Sorin how to use our camera. It may seem irresponsible that I would let him use a real camera, but I didn't have a toy one on hand and, frankly, he would never be interested in a toy camera. He loves technology and figuring out how things work and I have a lot of fun teaching him and then watching him catch on and work on figuring it out even more. So I taught him how to just take a picture (which button to press, basically - he already knew how to turn it on and off). So he had the camera and while I fed his cousin, Max, a bottle he ran off with it and practiced (ok that may have been a little irresponsible). When I took it back and looked at the pictures, this is what I saw:

Trip to Appleberry Farm

As I've mentioned before, fall is my favorite time of the year.  Signs of Autumn:

  • trees turning to gorgeous colors of red, yellow, and orange
  • football in full swing
  • jeans and a flannel
  • apple orchards

Two years ago Katie and I took Sorin to Applegarten on down on Fish Hatchery Road.  It was a good experience but last year we discovered Appleberry Farms out off Mineral Point Road and it has become our favorite autumn destination.  (You can see from the pics how much cooler it was last year.)

Of course this year Norah had her first experience with the apples and pumpkins at Appleberry Farm.  It was a hot fall day, temperatures into the low to mid-70s by the time we were leaving.  This year we took a hayride for the first time and really enjoyed a relaxing tour of the property.

In a little back story, my sister Megan and Jeff got Sorin a wheelbarrow for his birthday.  You can see he's really good at using it around the yard.

So today at the farm Sorin jumped right into action when it was time to find a pumpkin for him and his sister.

Sorin even finished off the process by taking the pumpkins to the scale to be weighed before we could purchase them.

This year's trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch was a little shorter (and warmer) than in years past, but you can see the whole family enjoyed the morning together.

While Sorin Sleeps

We've all heard little stories about pets and toys coming out and playing little games while the family sleeps in the night. Right? That is what it feels like for Norah and me some days while Sorin is napping. There are times when, once Sorin goes to bed for his nap, Norah is waking up and we play and play. We have so much fun that I catch myself thinking, "If Sorin only knew, he'd never take a nap again..." Here are some things that we do...

Have 'wake up/smile time' in the crib and Norah practices balancing on her hands and knees - I think we're going to have an early crawler on our hands!!

Then we have a photo shoot cause as I'm playing with her I think about how cute she is and what good pictures this would make and so I get my camera and:

And then after that we have mirror time, and Norah Schiefelbein has a play time with her little friend Norah Mirror:

My little daughter is so much fun : )